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Blåkläder is one of the leading producers of work clothes in Sweden and is active on the international market via a network of resellers and direct agreements with larger companies. The company develops products in close consultation with its users and collections are produced according to the demands of the market. Sensitivity and flexible production thanks to dedicated factories in Sri Lanka and Vietnam means that Blåkläder can produce bespoke solutions for specific groups of professionals.

eCommerce within the B2B segment is becoming stronger by the day and, one year on from Blåkläder launching its eCommerce activities on the Storm Commerce platform, the company’s turnover from online sales has doubled.



Blåkläder is a B2B producer, with customers based throughout the world. This means that the company has to process sales in different countries, with different prices and delivery methods for each individual customer and market. Storm Commerce provides Blåkläder with access to a scalable B2B solution and an advanced PIM implementation for all markets, streamlining information updates, providing better control of all flows and simplifying roll-out on new markets.

One of the key reasons why the company opted to choose Storm Commerce is that the platform acts independently from the business system and is a stable cloud service (SaaS), delivering the best possible level of scalability and performance.


Adlibris was founded in 1997 and is one of the major pioneers of Swedish eCommerce. Adlibris creates pleasurable, inspiring online shopping experiences and always strives to offer its customers fast deliveries and the best prices on the market.

Adlibris is now the leading online book retailer in Scandinavia, and during 2015 expanded its range to include some completely new product categories, aiming to be the region’s best value for money and most inspiring e-tailer of books, puzzles, stationary and toys.



In order to be able to work with the extended range as efficiently as possible, Adlibris decided to adopt the Storm Commerce platform. With Storm Commerce, Adlibris has a solution that quickly and seamlessly imports product information, prices and stock balances from external suppliers and the company’s own internal systems, and uses this information to update Adlibris’ Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish websites.

Adlibris exemplifies how Storm Commerce can be used to offer a very extensive range of products on several different markets with minimal manual intervention.


Mio was established in 1962 and is one of the biggest furniture and home furnishings retail chains in Sweden, boasting more than 60 stores and flourishing online sales. Eleven of the stores are group-owned, with the remainder being owned by dealers and operated as franchises. Mio aims to inspire customers to refresh their homes by offering personalised furnishing solutions and demonstrating a positive attitude toward customer service.

In the space of 5 years, the number of visitors and paying customers in the stores has doubled, whilst the number of visitors to the company’s website has tripled. eCommerce sales are increasing exponentially, and the website has been strengthened as a channel for where customers can find inspiration and information throughout the entire buying process.



Mio’s eCommerce solution shall support the chain’s omnichannel strategy by offering functionality such as transparent stock management, in-store deliveries, advanced shipping logic, etc. The Storm Commerce platform satisfies Mio’s requirements for a scalable and efficient solution that can handle high loads, features advanced product logic, is able to connect e-commerce and the physical stores, and can integrate with the existing PIM system and several different business systems.

Other important aspects from a technical perspective are that the platform is separated from Mio’s frontend and that Storm Commerce is a cloud service (SaaS) that delivers the best possible level of scalability and performance.


Cervera, which was founded in 1987, is Sweden’s leading chainstore for high quality kitchen products and home furnishings. It has 70 stores nationwide, and provides products to the NK Glas, Porslin & Kök department in Nordiska Kompaniet stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The chain has a long tradition of selling selected quality products for cooking, serving and decoration via its store network and e-commerce platform.

Cervera’s vision is to be Sweden’s foremost destination for home and household shopping, and an important piece of the puzzle is ensuring that eCommerce interacts with the physical stores in a natural way.



During 2015, and as part of its expansion strategy, Cervera launched a modern eCommerce site based on the Storm Commerce platform – delivering an improved user experience and extended functionality, including the option of ordering online and collecting in store. The move included an extension of the range, the introduction of a completely new logistics solution, and an increased level of interaction between the physical stores and eCommerce.

By using Storm Commerce, Cervera has obtained a stable and scalable platform that is well suited for range expansion and omnichannel selling.

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