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Futureproof your e-commerce activities

Since 2008, Storm Commerce has offered an advanced platform for digital commerce. Together with our Solution Partners, we create e-commerce solutions that will grow with our customers’ need over time. We are experts in the digital transformation of business processes and we want to be a driving force in e-commerce. Today, we work with several of the market’s most well-known companies and we want to help more companies to become equally successful!




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We offer

  1. A scalable CMS-independent platform for digitalising commerce and processes at all stages of the value chain – from pure eCommerce and retail to the manufacturing level.
  2. Market-leading expertise and plenty of experience in creating solutions for successful e-commerce business within both B2C and B2B.
  3. Long-term partnerships with leading digital agencies and IT consulting companies, where great emphasis is placed on understanding our customers’ current and future needs.
  4. Professionalism in keeping promises and honouring our commitments to customers at all times.

Our background

Storm Commerce’s founders have successfully built up and taken responsibility for large-svale e-commerce operations in a number of different companies. Of these, the most well-known company, inWarehouse, was sold to the Norwegian company Komplett in 2007, after achieving more than 1 billion SEK in turnover.

Against this background, we have learned that the key to fast growth, without incurring unnecessary costs, is to automate business processes as far as possible. In 2008 we decided to offer the market a brand new platform which would support all the necessary e-commerce processes. The result was the cloud-based e-commerce platform known as Storm Commerce.

Our platform

Storm Commerce is a scalable platform for seamless eCommerce solutions. In cooperation with our Solution Partners, we offer customized solutions, which are ready to handle large voltmes of business. The unique platform is optimised for each customer and delivered with high levels of consulting, training, integration and other services.

Storm Commerce helps the big B2C & B2B players of the future to solve complex needs and supports the automation of a variety of business processes for better performance, smarter workflows and increased profitability. Storm Commerce is built for omni-channel commerce and provides a solid foundation for growth and internationalisation for companies with high demands on their operations.

Storm Commerce is packed with functionality and has open APIs in order to be able to connect with any CMS and surrounding systems. It provides the right conditions for effective projects where our Solution Partners can focus on building solutions with maximum business value and a world-class customer experience.

Storm Commerce is a cloud service (SaaS) for long-term scalability in terms of capacity, availability and performance.

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Our customers

Today, Storm Commerce has some of the market’s most well-known companies as customers and we want to help new customers become equally successful. Our customers include everything from pure eCommerce and retail to multinational manufacturing companies.

Many of our customers fit the profile of having specific functional requirements, growing volumes of transactions and the ambition to increase the scale of their operations.

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Our projects

We at Storm Commerce know how to run successful eCommerce projects, and together with our Solution Partners, we take care of everything from strategy and feasibility studies/pre-studies to implementation, management and operation. If you already have a development partner or are looking to develop by yourself, we can also find solutions for your unique situation.

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