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About Mio

Mio was established in 1962 and is one of the biggest furniture and home furnishings retail chains in Sweden, boasting more than 60 stores and flourishing online sales. Eleven of the stores are group-owned, with the remainder being owned by dealers and operated as franchises. Mio aims to inspire customers to refresh their homes by offering personalised furnishing solutions and demonstrating a positive attitude toward customer service.

In the space of 5 years, the number of visitors and paying customers in the stores has doubled, whilst the number of visitors to the company’s website has tripled. Ecommerce sales are increasing exponentially, and the website has been strengthened as a channel for where customers can find inspiration and information throughout the entire buying process.



Mio’s ecommerce solution shall support the chain’s omnichannel strategy by offering functionality such as transparent stock management, in-store deliveries, advanced shipping logic, etc. The Storm Commerce platform satisfies Mio’s requirements for a scalable and efficient solution that can handle high loads, features advanced product logic, is able to connect ecommerce and the physical stores, and can integrate with the existing PIM system and several different business systems.

Other important aspects from a technical perspective are that the platform is decoupled from Mio’s frontend and that Storm Commerce is a cloud service (SaaS) that delivers the best possible level of scalability and performance.

Blåkläder • B2B

Mio • B2C

Cervera • B2C

Adlibris • B2C

Autoexperten • B2C

Kitchentime • B2C

Nobia • B2C & B2B

Digital Inn • B2C & B2B


Blåkläder is one of the largest manufacturers of workwear in Sweden and is active on the international market via resellers and direct sales to larger companies.

Storm Commerce provides a robust B2B ecommerce solution and an advanced PIM implementation for multiple markets.

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Mio was established in 1962 and is one of the biggest furniture and home furnishings retail chains in Sweden.

The Storm Commerce platform satisfies Mio’s requirements for multiple systems in seamless harmony.

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Cervera,  founded in 1987, is Sweden’s leading chainstore for high quality kitchen products and home styling products.

By using Storm Commerce, Cervera has obtained a stable and scalable platform that is well suited for omnichannel and 3PL solutions.

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Adlibris was founded in 1997 and is one of the major pioneers of Swedish eCommerce.

Adlibris exemplifies how Storm Commerce can be used to offer a very extensive range of products on several different markets with minimal manual intervention.

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Autoexperten is a nationwide auto accessories and spare parts chain with around 70 stores and 410 affiliated workshops.

The Storm Commerce platform gives Autoexperten a robust ecommerce solution in a complex world.

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KitchenTime was founded in 2013 with a vision to establish itself as the leading Nordic etailer of kitchen equipment. Via acquisition of Confident Living and the formation of Kitchentime Group, the company has broadened its productrange and is one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in the Nordic today.

Storm Commerce allows KitchenTime to streamline the management of its large and rapidly growing product range and focus on automated technology-driven ecommerce.

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Nobia is Europe’s number one kitchen specialist, with a portfolio of more than 20 high profile brands.

The Storm Commerce platform which is used for the entire group is compatible with many different business systems and can handle large product ranges and complicated data structures.


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Digital Inn

Digital Inn is the leading Apple Premium Reseller on the B2B side in Scandinavia and the biggest Apple Premium Service Provider in Sweden.

Storm Commerce allows Digital Inn to manage their multiple brands through one single account, simplifying everything from product administration to procurement.


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