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Blåkläder is one of the leading producers of work clothes in Sweden and is active on the international market via a network of resellers and direct agreements with larger companies. The company develops products in close consultation with its users and collections are produced according to the demands of the market. Sensitivity and flexible production thanks to dedicated factories in Sri Lanka and Vietnam means that Blåkläder can produce bespoke solutions for specific groups of professionals.

eCommerce within the B2B segment is becoming stronger by the day and, one year on from Blåkläder launching its eCommerce activities on the Storm Commerce platform, the company’s turnover from online sales has doubled.


Blåkläder is a B2B producer, with customers based throughout the world. This means that the company has to process sales in different countries, with different prices and delivery methods for each individual customer and market. Storm Commerce provides Blåkläder with access to a scalable B2B solution and an advanced PIM implementation for all markets, streamlining information updates, providing better control of all flows and simplifying roll-out on new markets.

One of the key reasons why the company opted to choose Storm Commerce is that the platform acts independently from the business system and is a stable cloud service (SaaS), delivering the best possible level of scalability and performance.


Adlibris was founded in 1997 and is one of the major pioneers of Swedish eCommerce. Adlibris creates pleasurable, inspiring online shopping experiences and always strives to offer its customers fast deliveries and the best prices on the market.

Adlibris is now the leading online book retailer in Scandinavia, and during 2015 expanded its range to include some completely new product categories, aiming to be the region’s best value for money and most inspiring e-tailer of books, puzzles, stationary and toys.


In order to be able to work with the extended range as efficiently as possible, Adlibris decided to adopt the Storm Commerce platform. With Storm Commerce, Adlibris has a solution that quickly and seamlessly imports product information, prices and stock balances from external suppliers and the company’s own internal systems, and uses this information to update Adlibris’ Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish websites.

Adlibris exemplifies how Storm Commerce can be used to offer a very extensive range of products on several different markets with minimal manual intervention.


Mio was established in 1962 and is one of the biggest furniture and home furnishings retail chains in Sweden, boasting more than 60 stores and flourishing online sales. Eleven of the stores are group-owned, with the remainder being owned by dealers and operated as franchises. Mio aims to inspire customers to refresh their homes by offering personalised furnishing solutions and demonstrating a positive attitude toward customer service.

In the space of 5 years, the number of visitors and paying customers in the stores has doubled, whilst the number of visitors to the company’s website has tripled. eCommerce sales are increasing exponentially, and the website has been strengthened as a channel for where customers can find inspiration and information throughout the entire buying process.


Mio’s eCommerce solution shall support the chain’s omnichannel strategy by offering functionality such as transparent stock management, in-store deliveries, advanced shipping logic, etc. The Storm Commerce platform satisfies Mio’s requirements for a scalable and efficient solution that can handle high loads, features advanced product logic, is able to connect e-commerce and the physical stores, and can integrate with the existing PIM system and several different business systems.

Other important aspects from a technical perspective are that the platform is separated from Mio’s frontend and that Storm Commerce is a cloud service (SaaS) that delivers the best possible level of scalability and performance.


Cervera, which was founded in 1987, is Sweden’s leading chainstore for high quality kitchen products and home furnishings. It has 70 stores nationwide, and provides products to the NK Glas, Porslin & Kök department in Nordiska Kompaniet stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The chain has a long tradition of selling selected quality products for cooking, serving and decoration via its store network and e-commerce platform.

Cervera’s vision is to be Sweden’s foremost destination for home and household shopping, and an important piece of the puzzle is ensuring that eCommerce interacts with the physical stores in a natural way.


During 2015, and as part of its expansion strategy, Cervera launched a modern eCommerce site based on the Storm Commerce platform – delivering an improved user experience and extended functionality, including the option of ordering online and collecting in store. The move included an extension of the range, the introduction of a completely new logistics solution, and an increased level of interaction between the physical stores and eCommerce.

By using Storm Commerce, Cervera has obtained a stable and scalable platform that is well suited for range expansion and omnichannel selling.


Digital Inn is the leading Apple Premium Reseller on the B2B side in Scandinavia and the biggest Apple Premium Service Provider in Sweden. The company opened its first store in 2008, and now has 10 stores and employs more than 30 corporate salespeople and consultants based in Stockholm, Uppsala, Eskilstuna, Linköping and Örebro.

Digital Inn has two different brands that appeal to several different customer groups. Digital Inn is an Apple Premium Reseller, with physical stores, eCommerce and service workshop locations. is aimed at the die-hard Apple fan.  •  www.digitalinn.sedigitalinn-macoteket-logo


Storm Commerce allows Digital Inn to manage both their brands through a single account, simplifying everything from product administration to procurement. Many flows, including the importation of supplier data and product content, have also been automated to a significant degree. Storm Commerce’s customer management function makes it easy to process both B2C and B2B customers, as well satisfy the many demands of corporate clients.

Storm Commerce enables the implementation of an omnichannel strategy where customers can see a live flow of stock balances and place orders online for collection in-store. By having full control over stock balances and what needs to be bought, as well as the option of procuring items directly in Storm Commerce, Digital Inn saves a significant amount of time.


Nobia is Europe’s number one kitchen specialist, with a portfolio of more than 20 high profile brands, including HTH, Marbodal, Magnet and Poggenpohl. The company develops, manufactures and sells kitchen solutions.

Nobia’s ambition is to become the leading kitchen specialist that inspires people to realise their kitchen dreams, by developing functional and attractive solutions based on insights gained from today’s consumers and proven kitchen expertise. Products are sold to consumers through the company’s own stores and a network of dealers, as well as to industry players such as construction companies and property developers.


Digital solutions form an important element of Nobia’s growth strategy, as more and more consumers who are looking for kitchen-related products decide to shop online. The websites of Nobia’s brands are at the cutting edge, and the company wanted to make the purchasing process as easy as possible and to migrate a significant proportion of sales to digital channels.

Nobia decided that Storm Commerce, a scalable eCommerce platform with extensive support for multiple brands and markets and well-suited to an omnichannel strategy, was going to be the system of choice. The platform is compatible with many different business systems and can handle large product ranges and complicated data structures without any problem.


Autoexperten is a nationwide store and service centre chain that currently operates more than 70 locations, selling car accessories and spare parts. The company also sells equipment for use in car workshops and offers workshop services through 460 affiliated service centres located throughout Sweden.

In January 2015, Autoexperten launched its online car parts store. With a range of 290,000 spare parts and accessories available from the online store, Autoexperten hopes to reach a larger target audience and attract more customers. The eCommerce solution must complement and reinforce in-store sales and take advantage of the existing store network to compete with e-tailers who trade solely online.


Autoexperten’s ambition was to get away from the typical industry approach and create a website that is user-friendly, even for those of us who are less knowledgeable about cars.

The Storm Commerce platform addresses all the challenges faced by Autoexperten, including integrations with multiple different internal and external systems, as well as management of a very large and complex range of products that is subject to stringent advanced compatibility requirements. Other challenges include the complexity of monitoring different warehouses that have to interact with each other, tracking the stocks held by the 60 or so affiliated stores in order to provide accurate stock balances in real time and the implementation of the necessary reservation logic, including availability countdowns.


Confident Living is one of Sweden’s leading online resellers of furniture and home furnishings. The company was founded in 2010 with the goal of offering customers the latest in furnishing from Swedish and international brands, and now has a broad range of products from both young, up-and-coming designers and established brands.

Digital commerce in the furniture- and home furnishing industry has enjoyed stable growth over the past few years, and Confident Living offers one of the widest product ranges in the sector.


Confident Living’s large and growing range of products places stringent demands on both the eCommerce platform and the company’s website. Storm Commerce gives Confident Living full control over its product range and allows it to “dropship”, i.e. to have products sent directly from the supplier to the customer.

Confident Living has lofty ambitions in respect of design and customer experience, and wants to offer an inspiring site with multiple options for upselling. To achieve this, well-structured product data is essential, as well as the ability to cross-reference products in many different sizes – something that Storm Commerce is able to handle without any problem. Another important function for Confident Living is the platform’s automated pricing and campaign management feature.


KitchenTime was founded in 2013 with the goal of building Scandinavia’s best online kitchen utensils store. Today, the company has one of the biggest kitchen & serving product ranges in Sweden, and is available in three other markets – Norway, Denmark and Finland. In 2016, KitchenTime opened its first physical store, located in central Uppsala.

One of KitchenTime’s biggest and principal growth factors has been its range expansion. In order to handle this, a platform is required that provides powerful support for supplier integrations and everything else that comes with having a large range of products.


Storm Commerce allows KitchenTime to streamline the management of its large and rapidly growing product range. The warehouse logic of more than 200 suppliers has been integrated in the system, and rule-based prices make it possible to manage pricing with minimal manual effort, resulting in a better yield.

One important aspect is that Storm Commerce is a cloud service that KitchenTime can grow with and upscale as and when the need arises, without having to think about performance. In addition, KitchenTime also considers it important that the platform allows them to work on the development of their frontend internally.


Stor&Liten was founded in central Stockholm in 1975. Several stores were opened throughout Sweden and Stor&Liten, with its characteristic logo, became a well-loved brand for many generations of children and parents. In 2000, the stores were taken over by another player, and Stor&Liten disappeared from the toy market.

In November 2011, Stor&Liten made a comeback, this time online, in that well-known Stor&Liten spirit that can be summed up with the words quality, good service and a wide range. Having the goal of building the come-to online store for quality toys, Stor&Liten chose Storm Commerce as its eCommerce platform.


In order to be able to offer a wide and longtail range of toys, Stor&Liten needs a stable and large-scale platform with the functionality to connect the system to a variety of different suppliers.

With Storm Commerce, Stor&Liten can automate parts of its workflows, including the updating of product information and pricing, thus streamlining the work process. This allows them to focus on creating an optimal experience for their customers. Storm Commerce enables Stor&Liten to grow in a pain-free way and cope with seasonal sales peaks, e.g. during the run-up to Christmas.


Belysningsdesign has been around for a long time and is one of Sweden’s leading online lighting stores, with a massive customer base throughout Scandinavia and a wide selection of brands to suit everyone’s pocket.

Belysningsdesign wants to strengthen its position by offering inspiration and a shopping experience that is on a completely new level, aiming to become the leading online store for lighting in Scandinavia.


Belysningsdesign decided to adopt the Storm Commerce platform because of its ability to adapt to future eCommerce requirements. The company has its own warehouse and dropships – arranging deliveries direct from suppliers to customers. When an order is received, Storm Commerce selects the best possible supplier, creating an order in real time.

By using Storm Commerce, Belysningsdesign has obtained a scalable solution for all markets, featuring full scale integration with selected suppliers, including the automation of procurement processes.


Däckia is one of the biggest tyre service chains in Sweden, with a growing network of workshops throughout the country. The chain includes 98 Däckia workshops and 51 partner service centres. Däckia stocks a wide range of tyres and rims, and provides leading brands for everything from large construction plant to wheelbarrows. Since 2012, the company has been owned by Pirelli.

Däckia’s approach to eCommerce focuses on private individuals. Using the online store, customers can easily find the right tyre and size, order tyres and book a fitting at any of the company’s service centres.


The Däckia range includes a large selection of tyres, all of which are available in a number of different sizes and have unique characteristics, which makes a powerful PIM absolutely essential. Storm Commerce can easily handle Däckia’s complex variant structures and allows the use of advanced compatibility logic to enable fitters to find the right tyre for customers’ vehicles and match the tyre to suitable rims, accessories and services. In addition, packaging of products and services is linked to different fitters.

Däckia’s eCommerce solution also features availability logic from over 100 workshops, as well as integrated appointment booking for services in conjunction with product orders.

A selection of customers

Storm Commerce has a good framework and is a very good platform upon which to base our entire eCommerce operation. We think it’s great that the service works independently of our business system, is cloud-based and very stable.
Storm Commerce employees are highly skilled and attentive, with a deep understanding of the business and what actually benefits us as a company. This, in combination with their humility and ability to adapt to our experiences and challenges, makes them our perfect supplier.
As our strategy focuses on using suppliers’ warehouses as our own extended warehouse, we have to integrate their warehouse logic with our service. We have not seen this sort of functionality on any other platform. If you have a longtail strategy, Storm Commerce is definitely worth considering.

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