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Explore documentation for the Storm Commerce platform, intended for application and integration developers.


Storm Commerce is a complete eCommerce platform with three APIs for different purposes. A shopping site or an app is built with Storm API. A supplier integration or an ERP system integration is built with Storm Connect. A product feed to price comparison sites and partners can be retrieved by Storm Query. Your data is managed and monitored in Storm Admin.

Storm API

Storm API enables rapid development of frontend applications such as shopping sites and mobile apps. Pages and content are created and published through an optional Content Management System (CMS), whereas products, shopping baskets and other eCommerce functionality is provided by Storm API. Product feeds for external search engines can be retrieved through an export API. Continue reading if you are a frontend developer.

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Storm Connect

Storm Connect is a comprehensive integration framework for integrations between Storm Commerce and other systems. Storm Connect handles integrations and normalisation of data such as products, prices and inventory from suppliers, content providers, ERP- and PIM-systems. Storm Connect also handles order integrations between Storm Commerce and ERP systems. Continue reading if you are an integration developer.

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Storm Query

Storm Query is a streaming OData API for easy data access. OData queries against Storm Commerce data can be used to retrieve, as an example, product files to price comparison sites and partners, but also for lookups when building integrations between systems. Continue reading if you are an integration developer in need of Storm Commerce information or if you want to export data from Storm Commerce.

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Storm Adapters

In Storm, we have implemented a number of standard integration to PSP, POS, ERP and Marketplace partners, which we call adapters. To use them with Storm, you must register for an account with our partners and do some adapter configuration in Storm Admin. In some cases, we need to do some configuration for you.

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Best Practice

We have market-leading expertise and plenty of experience in creating successful eCommerce solutions. We know what works and what often becomes a problem in the long run. In this section, we share our best practises. Continue reading if you are a system architect.

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Storm Components

At GetHub we have collected components for the development of .NET environment that can be used to speed up the development of an eCommerce site. They are open source and can be downloaded with NuGet. You can also download the source code to further develop itself. Continue reading if you are a frontend developer or a system architect that needs help.

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