Storm Infrastructure Changes

During April and May we will perform a number of changes to our environment, primarily to give us better traceability, scalability and security for the Storm services.

The change does not require any immediate changes from an integration perspective, however, it’s possible that temporary disruptions will occur in the stage environment while we’re testing the rollout.

The primary change is the introduction of a new load balancing mechanism, and implementing that we will streamline the naming of our services. The current naming including any * address is deprecated and will be removed by Mar 31st 2021

Rollout plan

This is the rollout plan as of Nov 2020, this plan will be adjusted if problems arises for customers and partners.

The rollout plan below is updated based on the delays we’ve had due to challenges with client certificate authentication and Layer-7 load balancing.

Load balancer introduction

Stage environment: Week 18-20

Production environment: Oct 2020 – Jan 2021

New API endpoints available

Stage environment: Week 19-22

Production environment: Week 44

Legacy endpoint redirect

Legacy endpoints will return a 301 Moved Permanently redirect response. Since there are a vast variety of client libraries, it’s important that tests are performed, by clients and partners, to validate their chosen HTTP Client Library supports this. It also means that this activity might be postponed/prolonged if problems arises. To be able to handle the situation where clients are required to update the client libraries, this activity needs to be possible to roll back and to handle this, we need to have a fairly aggressive schedule.

Stage environment: 2021-01-11

Production environment: 2021-04-01


The naming of the API and Admin endpoints are fully backward compatible until Mar 31st 2021 (but will redirect to new endpoints,  see above for dates).

Lab environment – *

The current Stage environment will be renamed to the Lab environment in preparation for the introduction of a new QA environment. The future purpose of the Lab environment is to be the internal system test environment for Storm, but accessible for external parties to be able to early test joint development efforts. The QA environment is planned for Q1 2021 (and will be named *



  • StormAPI:
  • Connect:
  • Admin:
  • Query:
  • Message:
  • Custom Integrations:

QA environment – *

Future QA environment, planned release during Q1 2021.

Production environment *


  • StormAPI: (will later be moved to
  • Connect:
  • Admin:
  • Query:
  • Message:
  • Custom Integrations: