Access Client

AccessClient is used for simplifying access to Storm API. It keeps track of all the contracts and handles caching and batch calls to the API.


Caching is defined in the unity section in the application configuration file. Depending on the setup different cache providers can be used. When running the web server as a single instance, InMemoryCache should be used. When running multiple instances a distributed cache should be used. See Enferno.Public and Enferno.Public.Azure under for available providers.

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The logging framework is based on Microsoft’s Enterprise Library Application Logging Block and configured as so. LogEntries, at, is used as an on-line logging provider.

Applications can be configured to use LogEntries as a log target. Storm Commerce needs to configure the application logs there and will provide details for that. The API is logging to LogEntries and the logs are visible to partner developers through the on-line Storm API Reference.

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Batch Calls

The AccessClient provides support for caching and batching. When possible batching of calls should be used to avoid unnecessary round trips to the server.

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The StormContext is a cookie based container of user and setup data for Storm accessible though out the application. It provides means to log in and out a user.

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