Specification of the Connect Contracts by Service.


Most requests require a Header, which specifies the following meta data:

  • FullFile – Boolean that specifies if the current request contains all relevant data for the current scope if true or could be regarded as delta if false. E.g. if Storm Connect receives a SkuOnhand request where FullFile is specified as true, Storm Connect will process all scope keys (WarehouseCode and LocationCode in this example) and mark all Onhand records in Storm as deprecated when the key PartNo, WarehouseCode and LocationCode that wasn’t present in the request.
  • ILists of {Contract}Fields – Enumeration of all fields that a request is meant to update has to be included in the header. The reason behind this is to enable updates of a subset fields per request. E.g. if one source system owns the stock data and sends SkuOnhand requests containing only OnhandValue per key and another source system owns procurement data and sends SkuOnhand requests containg only NextDeliveryDate per key. The first system would overwrite NextDeliveryDate and the second system OnhandValue.

Some {Contract}Fields can also have a CreateOnly-suffix, e.g. Product.Fields.SkuCultureField.ErpNameCreateOnly, which defines that Field only can be set if it currently have no value, otherwise it is ignored.