Storm Query

Storm Query is a streaming ODATA API that access Storm data in whatever way you need.

Storm Query

Storm Query API is an API based on OData V4. It is an API to fill the need for data from Storm in integration services that do not have direct access to Storm’s data and data models.

The API is REST-ish, which means it can be accessed directly from any browser or from code. Access is authenticated with Basic Authentication, where you enter an ApplicationId as a username and a secret password as a password. The secret key is unique to every client in Storm.

There are a number of different client-side components that you can use to access data from code for all possible environments and programming languages. We ourselves use internally Simple.OData.Client. Just google “OData client <language/environment>” to find something.

Storm Query API is an API based on OData V4. General documentation for OData is available at


You can read more about Storm Query here


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