How to give your B2B customers a great e-commerce experience

Spendrup and Storm Commerce

Spendrups Brewery is the leading brewery in Sweden, and despite its size it has always been family-owned and independent. Today the company is run by the fourth generation of beverage enthusiasts, and we have been part of their digital transformation as they were looking for a future-proof and attractive digital commerce solution for their B2B customers.

Spendrups wanted a commerce solution where they could meet their B2B customers in a personal way. The ambition was to create an inspirational drinks experience, building on the family legacy of over 100 years of craftmanship and refined production. They had an order portal, but it was not being properly used and the sales team lacked good tools to support their customers on site.

Modern B2B sales online

The objectives for the e-commerce were set high. There was a strong focus on finding a solution that could handle all aspects of modern B2B sales online, such as contract prices, customer-unique assortment, and content for different customer segments. Spendrups wanted to put e-commerce in the pocket for the sales team, increase the number of digital orders from customers and make it responsive and available 24/7/365 as well as having the opportunity to add rich content.

Autonomous system

Our Solution Partner Nexer conducted a pre-study and proposed a best-of-breed technical solution based on Storm Commerce and Sitecore. The e-commerce solution also includes integration with inRiver PIM and M3 ERP business systems that already were in place. A fully automated flow from all backend-systems to Storm Commerce was implemented together with a very user friendly and personalized storefront. The system is autonomous, which means the customers can use the web even if the ERP is shut down for maintenance. All product articles are retrieved from the business system, as well as customer-unique prices and assortments, and as soon as a product can be sold, it is displayed in e-commerce.

Great user experience and hassle-free ownership

By choosing a true SaaS solution Spendrups IT department gets hassle free ownership through outsourced responsibility for operation and maintenance, continuous upgrades, and scalability. The API-based platform enables smooth integration with other systems and the CMS and third-party services can be exchanged at any time without affecting the core of the e-commerce. Spendrups B2B e-commerce has a lot of small but smart functions that makes it user-friendly and efficient to use. It has received very positive feedback since its launch, has many tools that simplify the B2B customers ordering process and it strengthens the relationship with Spendrups. Today, the e-commerce. is meeting the high demands on both the customer’s needs and a smoother experience for the Spendrups’ employees.

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And if you want to read the full Spendrups Customer Case Study,
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