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Our latest updates, blogs and knowledge sharing about Storm Commerce and the e-commerce industry in general. Enjoy!

PIM and PIM – what’s the difference?

Most PIM-systems handles structuring of product information and publishing in various channels, such as catalogues, the web or signage. But they usually lack the commercial elements enabling seamless transition to e-commerce. One piece commonly missing in traditional PIM systems is product pricing.

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Future-proof your digital commerce experience with Composable Commerce

Composable Commerce

Composable Commerce is a term being used and highlighted by, among others, Gartner Group. In this blog post, Niclas Heurlin, CEO and founder of Storm Commerce, elaborates on the ideas behind our commerce platform Storm Commerce, which is built according to this development strategy.

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Technical expertise with our Solution Partner Pentia

We’re talking technical expertise with Jens Gustafsson and Fredrik Kervall who run Pentia in Sweden and at the same time welcome Pentia as a new Storm Solution Partner! Tell us about your business Jens: – Fredrik and I have worked together for a long time and when we got in touch with Pentia in Denmark,…

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Storm Docs

We have launched a documentation portal with all kinds of support that Storm offers around the Storm Commerce e-commerce platform.

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