Innit is one of our Solution Partners who have chosen to build e-commerce solutions with Storm Commerce.

About Innit

Innit’s main idea is to create commitment and competitiveness by connecting digital competence and business understanding.
Innit has three business areas: operations, development and strategic consulting. When you move all or part of the company’s IT operations to them, not only do they promise a reduced total cost; They also create a springboard for business-supported innovation and development that gives you real competitive advantages. The collaboration model is unique and they work interdisciplinary and closely with their customers – operationally, tactically and strategically.

Innit is a Norwegian company and is headquartered in Hamar with branches in Lillehammer and Sandefjord.
They consist of 60 committed employees who are passionate about developing and protecting tomorrow’s e-commerce solutions.

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Eric Håård
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