Nexer is one of our Solution Partners who have chosen to build e-commerce solutions with Storm Commerce.

About Nexer

Nexer is the tech company of the future, leading the digital revolution with a vision of a promising future for customers, employees and the world at large. They are constantly looking for cutting-edge technology, challenging themselves to think in new directions and honing their skills in strategy, technology and communication. Nexer’s customers are not just involved in the development. They are leading it.

Nexer values long-term relationships, and through its expertise in strategy, technology and communication, they lead customers’ digital transformation. The company builds strong partnerships with market-leading product and platform suppliers and has become Microsoft Partner of the Year in Sweden and Brazil, not just once but twice.

Nexer, has 1600 experts in 9 countries and is a part of the Danir group, a Swedish privately held company with nearly 8,000 employees in 16 countries. Before 2021, Nexer operated as Sigma IT.

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