Storm Commerce
Platform Overview

Storm Commerce is an API-based commerce engine built for times of rapid transformation

Get started immediately with Storm Commerce and be ready to grow and develop as fast as the world around you. Watch the video to find out how!

Effective digital commerce in all channels

Storm Commerce is a headless commerce platform that allows you to conduct digital commerce in a way that is fully integrated with your existing systems, including business systems, PIM and CRM, as well as logistics and payment solutions. The platform acts as Middleware that caches data and advanced business logic from underlying systems, also enabling you to add completely new business logic.

Storm Commerce is built to take control and create the best possible customer experience, regardless of the channel, and takes into account your future requirements within both B2C & B2B.

  1. Enables omnichannel strategy
  2. Suitable for both B2C & B2B customers
  3. Provides the flexibility to connect any CMS/CXM to deliver the best possible customer experience

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Grow without having to compromise

Storm Commerce is one of the most runded solutions for large-scale eCommerce on the market and is ideally suited to the requirements of our complex world. Its flexibility and scalability gives your company plenty of room to grow, irrespective of whether you expand into multiple countries, introduce new brands or extend your range of products.

  1. Supports unlimited growth and international expansion
  2. Can easily handle multiple brands, markets, languages and currencies
  3. Enables effective product range expansion and longtail strategy
  4. Offers a scalable licensing model based on the level of use

Automate more

Storm Commerce is one of the most advanced eCommerce platforms in Sweden, helping companies streamline and automate relevant business processes to achieve better performance, smarter workflows and increased profitability.

Storm Commerce is particularly suitable for dealing with large voltmes of business and  complex product ranges that place stringent demands on automated product management.

The platform has extensive functionality in order to apply business rules to product catalogues, pricing, order management and procurement.

  1. Automates business processes, improving control, productivity and performance.
  2. Minimises manual work
  3. Contributes to administrative savings and increased profitability
As our strategy focuses on using suppliers’ warehouses as our own extended warehouse, we have to integrate their warehouse logic with our service. We have not seen this sort of functionality on any other platform. If you have a longtail strategy, Storm Commerce is definitely worth considering.

Manage product information as a strategic asset

Storm Commerce features an integrated PIM that is specifically adapted for eCommerce. Simplify and improve the customer experience by managing and enriching product information in all sales channels, increasing customers’ desire to make purchases.

  1. Improves and guarantees the quality of product information
  2. Affords problem-free management of large and rapidly growing product ranges
  3. Streamlines & automates manual processing
  4. Quickly applies updates to all channels
  5. Optimises the customer experience by ensuring consistency

Fast and flexible implementation

Storm Commerce is optimised for each customer and is supported with extensive advice, training, integration and services.

Storm Commerce features out-of-the box functionality that allows you to get quickly underway with your projects. This creates a sense of security, both in terms of the implementation of the project and the fact that there is usually a ready to use solution for an issue that never crossed your mind from the outset.

  1. Can be implemented quickly with a short time-to-market
  2. Has a large number of ready to use  functionality
  3. Speeds up your project by having multiple ready to use integrations with external systems and services
  4. Can be easily supplemented with customised integrations to internal systems & business partners

Cost-effective and reliable hosting through SaaS

Storm Commerce is a scalable cloud service (SaaS) with a proven high capacity, delivering the best possible availability and performance. With our dynamic license model, you get a cost-effective hosting solution.

It goes without saying that the cornerstone of any successful eCommerce operation is a good product offering. However, for long term profitability, it is equally important that a system is reliable, stable and available. The slightest amount of downtime or disruption can have a significant effect on your sales.

  1. High availability that customers can rely on (99.9% availability in the past 6 months)
  2. Complete infrastructure; operation, hardware, bandwidth and monitoring
  3. Continuous upgrades
  4. Dynamic license model based on level of use
Storm Commerce is an excellent platform for managing all of our ecommerce. Being decoupled from the business system (ERP) and cloud-based gives us more flexibility moving forward.

Your technology and knowledge partner for successful digital commerce

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the industry and continually monitor trends within digital commerce.

We want our customers to be able to take advantage of the latest technical developments, as well as new innovative services. We are passionate about ensuring that our customers can offer a first-class eCommerce experience, in all their digital channels.

  1. Experienced project managers and a solution-oriented culture
  2. Specialist expertise within digital commerce and extensive understanding of business-critical needs and challenges, both within B2C & B2B
  3. Continuous product development and implementation of new services

By being our customer, you benefit from a competent collaboration partner that has both the methods and the systems expertise to realise large scale digital commerce within B2C or B2B.

Storm Commerce employees are highly skilled and attentive, with a deep understanding of the business and what actually benefits us as a company. This, in combination with their humility and ability to adapt to our experiences and challenges, makes them our perfect supplier.