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Digital Sales doesn't have to be complicated if you have the right eCommerce platform

Digital B2B Sales

Storm Commerce helps B2B companies digitalise their sales, and offers comprehensive support to automate a variety of business processes to achieve better performance, smarter workflows and increased profitability. Our cloud-based platform provides a stable base for growth and internationalisation for companies with high demands on their operations. Together with our Solution Partners, we offer customised solutions ready to process large business volumes and complex business requirements. The platform offers several pre-configured adapters and B2B e-commerce features. You will be up and running quickly.

Storm Commerce is Headless Storm Commerce is Headless. The platform works with your existing CMS and is very easy to connect to different interfaces such as mobile apps and POS systems.
Storm Commerce is a true SaaS-solution Storm Commerce is a true SaaS. You get a scalable solution with high availability and regular upgrades. Your licence fee is based on degree of utilisation.
Storm Commerce is API-based Modern API's empower easy integration with your systems landscape and external systems (ERP and others), and enables you to display product data to retailers.
Storm Commerce - eCommerce Experts We have solid know-how and many years experience of creating successful ecommerce solutions for both B2B & B2C.
Storm Commerce has an excellent currency and price management tool and offers multimarket capacity. The platform works very smoothly with our ERP-system. Storm Commerce has a good framework and is an excellent platform for staying on top of all our ecommerce. We really like the fact that the ecommerce engine is cloud-based and decoupled from our ERP-system. The platform is also very stable.


Whether you are a reseller, distributor, manufacturer or B2B vendor, you will appreciate Storm Commerce's B2b functionality. The platform is not only adapted for process automation, it also has a modern and user friendly administrator interface.

You can create customer unique business rules quickly and easily in Storm. The platform can also manage business rules from underlying systems problem-free. There are ready to use structures for managing;

  1. Customer unique ranges and range logic
  2. Customer unique prices & discount structures
  3. Customer unique shipping & payment terms
  4. Customer unique campaigns

Storm has a very good structure for creating and managing multiple markets and sales under different brands with one single product catalogue as master if preferred.

  1. Simple to set up and manage new markets and brands
  2. Well-developed support for managing different languages including markets with more than one language.
  3. Well-developed support for managing different prices and currencies on different markets including several currencies on one single market.

Storm’s integral PIM provides all the support you need to enrich your product catalogue in the best way. Storm has a rich PIM structure for managing product information and product relationships. This means that you can decide whether to create product information in Storm or if you prefer to read this in from other systems via regular importers. Both are equally problem-free.

  1. Support for e.g. package products, variants, automatically generated product relationships, well-structured specifications, rules based range control, language management etc.
  2. Support for availability at multiple warehouses with internal relationships and hierarchical structure with varied lead times.
  3. Support for managing your own stock points, store stock, supplier stock and retailer stock.

Many manufacturers find it a challenge to get retailers to present their products in an attractive way. The root cause of this problem is that retailers often feel it is difficult and time consuming to find the correct product information. Storm APIs make it easy to display and regularly update product data.

  1. Serve your retailers with a digital catalogue that is always updated.
  2. Retailers can check product information, prices and availability whenever they like.

Storm has a very powerful price engine for even the most demanding implementations that provides great support for business sales. Storm also contains a flexible promotion tool that enables you to create campaign rules for most requirements. For example, Storm can manage;

  1. Price lists in most hierarchical levels
  2. Prices that are inherited from ERP
  3. Dynamic pricing based on purchase prices and competitor prices
  4. Customer and target group specific prices, discount structures and campaign prices

Storm includes an advanced framework for calculating shipping costs and alternatives based on;

  1. Product specifications
  2. Customer type
  3. Order value
  4. Delivery address
  5. Availability
  6. Payment method

With Storm as your ecommerce engine, you can accept orders based on the unique requirements of each customer very easily.

  1. You can accept orders via a website interface and integrations
  2. You can set up purchase portals for retailers
  3. Tools for telephone sales and customer service to place orders on behalf of customers