Storm Competitive Pricing

Increase your competitiveness by having the right prices at the right time.

Pricing should be simple

In digital commerce, pricing is an important competitive factor. Your e-commerce system should be fast and flexible in response to competitive pricing. Managing and princing large product ranges manuals is both time-consuming and difficult. Take a look at how Storm Commerce Pricing gives you full control over your margins.

Automated competitor monitoring

Storm Competitive Pricing is an automated competitor monitoring tool that helps your company optimise prices based on prevailing market trends and competition. You can easily track what your competitors are doing in order to ensure that you have a better understanding of your competition situation and adapt your pricing strategy accordingly. By comparing each product in your range with those of your competitors, you can lower your margin to become more attractive or increase your margin in instances where there is little competition.

  1. Reads prices from selected competitors and matches them against products in your range
  2. Gives you the opportunity to continuously analyse your competition situation and adapt your pricing strategy accordingly
  3. Optimises margins in relation to prevailing competition

Automated pricing

Storm Competitive Pricing gives you the opportunity to automate your pricing activities, allowing you to quickly adapt to changes in the market. New prices are continually calculated based on a defined pricing strategy and competitor data. Prices can then be imported into your systems and updated automatically on your website, if required.

  1. Allows you to quickly adjust prices in the event of changes in market conditions
  2. Creates criteria for automatic price updates on your website
  3. Minimises the amount of manual effort required to monitor and update prices
Increased sales and improved margins, thanks to smarter price positioning.
Reduced additional costs associated with monitoring competitors and updating prices.
Increased margins due to automatic price increases in instances where there are few or no competitors.
Better control of the competitive landscape, ensuring that your pricing strategy is continually optimised.