Storm Docs

Some things will never be finished. Renovate that old house, clean the garage or finish writing that book you have in the drawer.

Another thing that is hard to find time to do is documenting all aspects of a technical product. For a long time, we have had a need to create a unified documentation of Storm Commerce, both in terms of functionality, as well as how you as a developer work with our product. To remedy this, we have launched a documentation portal intended as a landing page for all kinds of support that Storm Commerce offers. The page is divided into three categories:

  • The User Documentation section contains the Storm Admin User Guide. What do the buttons and controls do? How do you set up a price list or shipping logic? You will also get a dictionary with key terms used in Storm Commerce.
  • Developer Documentation contains information for how developers should think when building a solution based on Storm Commerce. There’s a Getting Started guide, Postman examples and in-depth information on how to build a cash register or update products.

The last section, Storm API, provides an overview of all our API:s and their methods and parameters. Coming soon in Swagger format as well.

There are always more to improve and refine, but we hope that this is a fresh start to an enhanced documentation experience and something we can build on for the future. Please give us feedback on any improvements or comments you might have.